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Tuesday January 11, 2022 another problem with the Double Dutch Bus Scum Bags at #lanta#lehigh and #northampton Transportation Authority, I stood outside from 6:25 am until 7:15 am waiting for the 101 Westbound Stop 5112 – was 10 degrees out, no bus showed up, I called LANTA, they refused to contact the driver, after ripping them again, (55th complaint since 12/208 – time to end mass transit in the USA – this is your #federal, #state, #county & #city/#local #taxes being wasted!) I had to take the 108 then had to with my cane, my crippled disabled handicapped body had to walk a mile, had to take many pain relieving agents so I did not need hospital care, I had it out with LANTA up until 1pm, they pull the same dung through the mouth “we need to investigate” when they can call the bus in, pull the black box, they know I have 25 years of security behind me, they treat us like we are peasants, just like the #ussr & #nazigermany!

Time to close LANTA – I have been promised by activists groups there will be demonstrations demonstrating against LANTA’s abuse & exercising 1st #freespeech and #2amendment rights & to stop the #fascist #nazi #communist #sodomite diaper mask wearing!

You can participate anywhere in the world by calling LANTA and laying it on them!

Tianna Williams’ photo was sent to me, I will soon post her picture she is one of the big shots and a useful idiot for #georgesoros & #charleskoch of the Koch Brothers. As she is my #enemy for doing me harm, slandering my character and everything else I stated. She is more a threat to me than ISIS, Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Dasche, Bobo Harum, PLO, PLA, Muslim Brotherhood, Free Syrian Army, etc. This is how serious this evil is being done!

Address: 1060 Lehigh St, Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: (61 776-7433
This is where I hope massive demonstrations can happen in the Spring, I do not know when, they will do it so I have no knowledge so the KGB/Gestapo/Agents of the State cannot accuse me of anything as LANTA pays the Agents of the State off, I know their game, there will be NO discussions with the Agents of the State, they had their chance to prosecute LANTA, this is why I told America they can start fighting back by doing it constitutionally and County Level, Restore the #militia – get a REAL GRAND JURY, charge LANTA with attempted genocide!

Planned Demonstrations which will be lived streamed also at the LANTA office in Bethlehem Bus Terminal
Bethlehem Transportation Center, 635 Guetter St, Bethlehem, PA 18018

Allentown, PA Terminal LANTA
Lanta Transportation Authority, 112 N 6th St, Allentown, PA 18101

Easton Intermodal Transportation Center LANTA 123 N 3rd St Easton, PA

There are 4 LANTA places in the early plans for live stream demonstrations and any in the media mocks this they will personally by name be listed as the enemy as they side with the Pedophiles and Deep State!

This is our tax money wasted in their pocketbooks and the expense of elderly, handicapped and disabled!

Time to close LANTA, even SEPTA, BARTA and nationwide and let the free market, Private Enterprise do this, for LANTA and 3 counties, 6 or more would easily handle this and much better!

#wakeupamerica #goddamnlantabus

Do NOT let this happen to you or your loved ones! Make this an election issue as LANTA WILL PAY PEOPLE OFF TO FIX THE #election SO THEY KEEP THEIR JOBS!