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India Hemp & Co Hemp Hearts 250g

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Our little seeds are light and nutty, and can be used in so many creative ways – adding a certain flair to your meal. You can eat them straight out of the canister or add them to your dals, chapatis, eggs, porridge or salads…these seeds are the most versatile seeds you’ll come across and seamlessly fit into your diet.

We de-shell or ‘de-hull’ them for you, so the outer shells don’t get stuck in your teeth. Inside the seeds, it’s a different story. These tiny nibbles are a powder house of protein, fibre and omega 3, the three things you’re constantly being told you need more of.

Our top 3 reasons we think it’s cool:

They are super nutritious
Natural source of vegan protein, omega 3 and fiber
Can be used on pretty much everything
100% Natural Shelled Hemp Seed
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