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Overwatch Hero Damage Spreadsheet

DOWNLOAD: https://tinurli.com/23i2qe

11.07.2021 — Here is the current Overwatch hero meta tier list. ... His shield covers a lot of ground and absorbs decent damage before breaking, .... Hovering over any of the bars or hero icons on either chart will highlight the bars and hero icons of the other chart. More information about each player/hero .... 14.05.2021 — Hey! Been awhile First things first, here is the Sheet Link. Now onto new stuff Season of the Splicer Balance Changes We got a couple, .... Chart Key to the Right of Table, Single Magazine DPS, 2 Magazine DPS ... Hero, Damage Type, Min DPS, Min FS DPS, Max DPS, Min DPS, Min FS DPS, Max DPS .... 11.08.2019 — Here's a listing of all damage per second numbers of all heroes at 100% accuracy, and top average accuracy. Note that just because certain .... There are 32 playable heroes in Overwatch. Each hero offers a unique style of play, and is classified under one of three roles: Tank, Damage, or Support.. Overwatch Counters | Hero Counter Picks. The Strong Against & Weak Against Overwatch Hero Counter Picks for some of the most annoying Hero Match-Ups.. Overwatch damage chart. Patch 29 Sep 2020. Distance to target: m. 0.0 10.0 20.0 30.0 40.0 50.0 5.0. Damage factor = 1×. Reduction. Boost and amplification.. Her bubble shield can soak up damage from bursty heroes like Zenyatta, Hanzo and Junkrat too, which feeds her energy bar really quickly and builds her strong ...
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09.11.2018 — An Overwatch player has created an interactive database explaining hero damage.The interactive chart made by u/7x11x13is1001 is a phenomenal .... 01.05.2017 — winston deals 50 damage on landing and 12 per tick. each tick consumes 3 ammo but dealing more than 10 damage per tick means armor mitigates about 40% of .... Damage ... Overwatch Hero DPS Data - Google Sheets ... There is This Overwatch Damage Spreadsheet with numbers for most weapons and abilities.. Need a Hero? Overwatch features an international cast of powerful heroes with captivating personalities and backstories. Explore the full roster below.. vor 4 Tagen — Every hero in Overwatch has a weapon. All weapons have a primary fire, ... Projectile weapons do not have falloff damage, except shotguns.. 12.11.2018 — An Overwatch fan made a brilliant chart showing the best damage heroes ... guesses when it comes to which DPS hero to pick in Overwatch?. There is This Overwatch Damage Spreadsheet with numbers for most weapons and abilities. In case the link goes down: