The new world's way of earning coins.

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In the new world, coins are the main currency. It allows the purchase of upgrades, equipment, and even property. There are few ways to obtain gold coins in the New World. This is why most players choose to grow as many coins as possible.

Complete missions: The missions of the new world include side missions, town projects, and faction missions. All these missions provide roughly the same coins and experience, so please choose whichever one you like. Using this as your only means of earning coin income will be inefficient.

Collect resources: Play a vital role in Amazon's new world. Collecting is a very suitable task for novices. However, collecting resources is a time-consuming task.

Selling loot or equipment: Selling loot or equipment is no different from any other MMO. You kill the mob, get rewards from missions, and then sell these items to vendors.

Make: Production is the way to make money later in the game. As your level in a particular profession increases, you will make advanced equipment and items. In addition, to save manpower and material resources, players can also go to to choose low-priced items. Use this to improve your production skills.