RSVSR Ways: How to Farm Bless Unleashed Starseed

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It will also help if you adorn armor with a gathering and mining speed buff so that you may harvest these Lumios Root nodes without wasting much time.

Bless Unleashed Star Seeds are a form of currency in Bless Unleashed that are just as important as gold. These seeds have a lot of uses, making them one of the best currencies in the game. While gold sits at the top spot, there are a few things that it can’t do that Star Seeds can. For one, you can use Star Seeds to revive yourself. Players dying in-game is a common occurrence, and it can be frustrating when you get so far just to lose all the loot and experience points you’ve accumulated. By taking a Star Seed moments before dying, you’ll be instantly revived back to full strength once your health bar reaches zero. Another notable use of Star Seeds is that you can use them in Teleposts that can be found around the game world. This makes for an easier time getting from point A to point B since you no longer have to trek the harsh environments just to get to a certain city or outpost.

Use Starseed Boosters

If you have the means, buying Starseed Boosters will make all of the methods in this guide much more efficient, so we have to mention them. The basic booster is a 20% boost for 30 days, costing 800 Lumina (~$8USD), and the advanced booster is a 40% boost for 30 days, costing 1500 Lumina (~$15). The two effects stack, giving a bonus of 60% more star seed for 30 days for the price of 2300 Lumina ($23). For comparison, that’s more than the monthly subscription price of either World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, and two months of buying both boosts will be comparable in price to the one-time purchase price of Guild Wars 2 with all expansions. But if you are committed to Bless Unleashed, this will maximize the efficiency of your Star Seed farming.

Sell Lumios Roots

Time to sharpen your sickle and get to harvesting! Now, this is there where that Artisan Society will come to your aid.

The Artisan Society provides a talent called ‘Improved Harvesting’ that will give you an increased, 5% chance, to acquire 1 additional item(s) furthermore, a 1% chance to acquire 2 additional item(s) when successfully harvesting.

It will also help if you adorn armor with a gathering and mining speed buff so that you may harvest these Lumios Root nodes without wasting much time.

A single root is worth 150 Starseed therefore an entire stock will sell for 7500 Starseed (depending on the prices of the marketplace).

Located on the Western hills to the north of the Ancient Amphitheater are patches of grass where several harvestable Lumios Root nodes are scattered.

You may be able to gather a full stack of 50 but if you wish to continue your harvesting ventures then with a simple hop, skip to another channel will cause all nodes to refresh.

Visit Olvera in Carzacor’s Plaza

For a steady stream of Star Seeds, visit Olvera in Carzacor’s Plaza once a day to buy Star Seeds using Gold. At level 5, you can convert 1500 Gold for 1000 Starseeds, which increases steadily until level 26, when you can convert 56,500 Gold for 11,000 Starseeds. Despite the lower Gold to Star Seed ratio at Level 26, this conversion becomes more efficient at higher levels because Gold becomes easier to acquire. 50,000 Gold is a reasonable amount to acquire in a day of play at even low levels, and at high levels, it can be at times trivial.

With the Star Seed Boosters active, Olvera will sell you 17,600 Star Seeds at level 26.

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