Customizing the Color of a Human Hair Topper

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Hello, my name is Chanelle Simpson and I'd like to introduce myself! As a licensed cosmetologist for nearly a decade, I recently accepted the position of Education Coordinator for Jon Renau

Hello, my name is Chanelle Simpson and I'd like to introduce myself! As a licensed cosmetologist for nearly a decade, I recently accepted the position of Education Coordinator for Jon Renau. The opportunity to advance my hairstylist knowledge and skillset to the next level in the alternative hair world is a dream come true for me.

The Project's official name is

For this project, my goal was to lighten a Jon Renau human hair topper by two shades! The color of the topper I used was 4RN. Renau Naturals colors are the only ones that can be altered without causing harm.

What I Expected

As a seasoned hairstylist, I anticipated that this project would be a breeze. Throughout my professional career, I've completed countless bleach and tone jobs.

Notice of Non-Compliance

Because the results of coloring alternative human hair may be unpredictable, Jon Renau does not recommend it. Alterations straight hair lace wigs should always be carried out by a professional stylist, preferably one who specializes in alternative hair. The Renau Natural colors are the only ones that can be changed.


Before We Begin

Keep in mind that when it comes to coloring, alternative human hair can be unpredictable. This is due to the fact that each human hair system is constructed from hair sourced from a variety of sources. Also, keep in mind that the environment in which you bleach your piece will determine the speed with which the color will lift. Warmer temperatures cause color to lift more quickly, while cooler temperatures cause color to lift more slowly. During the time I was working on this project, the temperature in my studio was quite high.

Round 1 of the competition

I sectioned my topper and started applying the bleach at the base (roots) of each section. As if I were doing a touch-up on a client in the salon, I approached this the same way.
I noticed the color lifting almost immediately, and I knew I had to act quickly!
Following that, I applied bleach to the ends, making certain they were completely saturated.
After I finished applying the bleach, I allowed it to sit for 30 minutes.
I washed my hair with Jon Renau Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo after rinsing it out with cool running water.

Observed Results

The topper had been raised to a level of 7 difficulty. I was aware that the color had brassy undertones, but I was confident that these would be corrected when I applied toner. I was, on the other hand, determined to take this topper to another lace front wigs level.

Round 2 of the competition

I went over everything I did in Round 1 one more time. Heave heave heave heave!

Observed Results

After another round of bleaching, I was finally able to achieve the look I desired! The topper had been raised to the eighth floor.


What I've Learned So Far

Remember when I said I thought this project would be straightforward? Oh my goodness, was I ever wrong! A completely different type of chemistry exists in alternative human hair as opposed to biological human hair on a person's head. It takes a variety of application techniques as well as patience to achieve the best results. Realizing this was a humbling experience for me, but I'm grateful to have learned it now.

Round Two (Bonus Round)

As a way to add some dimension and brightness, I decided to use balayage (a freehand highlighting technique).

Aesthetic toning

Final step in the process was to apply toner, which helped me achieve a honey 613 body wave lace wig blonde color while also removing the brassy undertones.

Considering what I know now, I would approach this project in a completely different manner if I were to do it again. I would work in smaller sections and experiment with a variety of different application techniques to achieve the most even lift possible because alternative hair is so unpredictable when coloring.

Take-outs are available.

When it comes to coloring and customizing your alternative hair systems, education is key. The application of alternative hair coloring should always be done by a trained professional. The purpose of this blog was to demonstrate what is possible when you have a stylist alter your human hair wig or topper. I hope you've been prompted to experiment with your wig or topper!