How to grow Star Seed in Bless Unleashed

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How to grow Star Seed in Bless Unleashed

As we all know, Star Seeds is an advanced currency in the world of Bless Unleashed, which allows players to purchase items from the market, enhance weapons, and resurrect themselves to cope with difficult times with Boss. If players want to master the skills of planting Star Seed in Bless Unleashed, they can read the following guide, which will help you get rich easily.

Even if the player obtains the thousandth Star Seeds from Olvera in Carzacor's Plaza, it is not enough for the player to equip themselves with shiny new armor and weapons. Unfortunately, getting them quickly is a challenge now, because the Bless Unleashed Star Seeds process requires the player to spend precious time. The following tips not only allow players to easily enter the Star Seed farming in Bless Unleashed, but also make it enjoyable and efficient so that players can create their Star Seed empire in a short time.

If the player has the ability, the market and the Lumena store will allow players to purchase different types of Starseed boosters. Players need to buy in-game currency from their wallets, but players can also use gold to buy boosters from the market, but the price may fluctuate. Basic Star Seed Booster is equivalent to a 20% gain, lasts 30 days, and costs about 800 Lumina. The Advanced Star Seed booster is equivalent to a 40% improvement in 30 days, and the player also needs to spend about 1,500 Lumena.

In addition, players can stack the effects of these two boosters to about 60% efficiency for 30 days, which will cost players a huge amount of 2300 Lumina. Pay a high price, but if the player wants to improve the efficiency of Star Seed farming, then this is a crucial step. The Bless Unleashed Seeds artisan society will open the door to useful features that can be used to grow flora and ore, which will help players’ Star Seed planting companies.

To join a faction, players must first complete a task called "Ippin Needs Help", which will guide the player to help NPCs related to each faction. Keep doing this until the player reads Sperios, and the player will have the opportunity to join them. If the player does not want to waste time and just wants to quickly get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, then the easiest way is to buy them directly from MMOWTS for a small amount of money. They will provide players with the best quality service.