Path Of Exile: 5 That Are Terrible

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Players can use many unique items in Path of Exile. Players can purchase POE Currency and then return to the game to purchase these unique items, but Many of these items are not as good as you think.

Bitter dream
Bitterdream is one of the most annoying peculiar works in Path of Exile. It supports the skills in the slot through 6 auxiliary gems, which is very useful for leveling. When you finish leveling, its problems will appear. If you have no other purpose, you can sell it. The problem is that selling this item will give you six support gems instead of POE Currency shards. Every time you pick up this item, you need to leave your instance, talk to the NPC, and sell the item.

Crown of Thorns
It's not worth sacrificing the helmet slot to get a small circle with a small amount of energy shield and pain coordination cornerstone. The Crown of Thorns was originally a way to upgrade the casters to a low-life variant, but it failed. Chaos damage can still bypass your energy shield, so any enemy that causes that type of damage can get a hit. This project will not provide too many energy shields for the hybrid life/energy shield characters to be considered.

Iron fortress
In Path of Exile, scaling the core attributes of the character is nothing new. The iron fortress should be the only item that chases the power to scale the building, and it is terrifying in appearance. The prophetic version of the iron core increases the strength of the melee physical damage by 3% for every ten points, instead of the standard 2%. Although this sounds like a worthwhile bonus, the effect is trivial, preferably mediocre "rare" items. You can Buy POE Currency to trade with other players to obtain more precious items.

Veil of the night
Path of Exile has 75% fire resistance, cold resistance and lightning resistance around the character, so it maintains a balance. If you are below this threshold, most enemies will kill you with one shot. This is why Nightfall is easily the worst trait in Path of Exile. This helmet cannot lock your elemental resistance to 0%. What are the benefits for such a serious negative impact? Your armor, dodge rating and energy shield will all get a little boost.

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