1000 CC bike performance! DaVinci electric motorcycle

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1000 CC bike performance! DaVinci electric motorcycle

1000 CC bike performance! DaVinci electric motorcycle

China DaVinci dynamics has announced two new motorbikes "DC100" and "DC classic", which have comparable performance to 1000 CC gasoline bikes.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

The power unit mounted is a rear hub motor that generates the maximum output 137 HP and the maximum torque of 850 nm.

Battery capacity is 17.7kwh, it corresponds to fast charge, and the time required for charging is about 30 minutes.

It is equipped with rider assist, Hill assist, downhill assist, and reverse assist, and riding assist is easy and fun It is a function to pull back and convenient when parking in a narrow place.

"DC classic" is a hand-made 50 Limited car, equipped with the front suspension of the Orlins with the diner sleeve, the brake caliper of brenbo, and the seat of the French calf skin.

The price is "DC100" of 27500 dollars, and the reservation reception has already started, and the delivery start is scheduled from July, 2022 (limited).
Las características futuras que aprovecharán la inteligencia robótica de la DC100 incluyen el autoequilibrio, el seguimiento automático y el control remoto del teléfono inteligente.

Davinci promete que este sistema de conducción totalmente autónoma estará disponible “pronto” a través de una actualización de software, que se realiza desde la nube, como los Tesla de Elon Musk.