Designs that tell you about open dressing rooms

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Designs that tell you about open dressing rooms, , offers interior design and interior decorator services | Best Interior Design Firm

Wouldn't it be nice if you had extra clothing space to magically accommodate all your stuff?! Unfortunately, reality doesn't work that way.. but that doesn't mean you can't get creative in your clothing space! Today, Smkink take a look at some of the designs rooms open clothes to get them inspiration!

1- With the spirit of lavender

Certainly, the colors of this room are inspired by lavender flowers, known for their attractive shape and delicate and cheerful colors, features that gradually transferred to the room once they were painted in mauve and white. The dressing room here is designed with the laundry room, with shelves hung on the sides in white, and some simple pieces of furniture and accessories in harmony with the interior design of the room.

2- Challenge the space barrier

You do not need a large space to establish a dressing room in your home, you can be satisfied with a corner or corner like the picture presented here and furnish it with some metal, wooden or even glass shelves - according to your desire - to be used in arranging your clothes.

3- It is decorated with glass

The glass here creates the illusion of spaciousness in an enclosed space. The glass doors and mirrors are generously used, making the room look very elegant and sophisticated, even that comfortable sofa in the middle achieves the same goal.

4- Combined with the bathroom

Here, the dressing room and bathroom are in one space, separated only by a large sliding door made of glass material that allows to see the details of the room from shelves, clothes hangers and cabinets, and the gloss of the glass is complemented by a mirror on the wall opposite the sliding door.

5- About flexibility

The dressing room here looks open at first to the bedroom, but with this elegant gray curtain the experts were able to give both rooms more privacy and separate them from each other. You too can adopt this idea in your bedroom, at the lowest cost and capabilities.

6- Fully open

In contrast to the previous room, here the dressing room is completely open to the bedroom, set up in a limited space in a V-shape to replace the wardrobe, very cleverly divided between part for shelves, part for hangers, and part for drawers.

7- Behind the bedroom

A final design in which we find the dressing room with a very smart and professional design that separates the bedroom into two parts and it is in the background of the latter, as we can clearly see in the displayed picture, where it was built with a modern wooden touch and a huge number of shelves and drawers.