Challenges Of Becoming A Lawyer

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Given the amount of time you invest in acquiring the degree of law, you should be prepared for the challenges that come with your legal profession. Here are some challenges that lawyers have to face in their profession:

Congratulations on cracking the law exam and getting the license to practice law and provide justice to people. Over the years, you can practice and evolve as the best lawyer in India. The legal profession can give you prestige, power, reputation, and monetary satisfaction. However, along with these perks, there are some challenges that a lawyer has to face. Even the best advocate in Delhi is entitled to these challenges in his legal career. 

Given the amount of time you invest in acquiring the degree of law, you should be prepared for the challenges that come with your legal profession. Here are some challenges that lawyers have to face in their profession: 

Long working hours 

When you start your career as a lawyer, you know that you have to work longer. Your work is not the 9-to-5 job that people go in. You have to deal with several clients with various types of cases. To study each case, a lot of time and patience are required. If you prepared yourself to work only for a particular time of the day, you are sure to come in contact with the harsh reality very soon, which will hit you hard. 


Due to long working hours, you are sure to feel stressed out at the end of the day. Not only are the long working hours an issue for stress. Think of the number of cases that you have to handle each day. Also, each legal battle has its own set of complications. So, as a lawyer, you have to take a lot of pressure to handle so many cases and aim to provide justice to all of them. 

Adapting to new technologies now and then 

The introduction of new technologies is becoming increasingly troublesome for lawyers as they have to take time from their hectic schedule to learn it and then know to use it in their daily activities. Instead of helping the lawyers, these technologies raise questions on the transparency of election, neutrality, and several other controversies that are disturbing for society. Further, it is challenging for the lawyers to set up their work in new software several times. 

The increasingly competitive job market 

People who have a clear understanding of the law will always be in demand. This is because everybody is not capable of understanding the complications of law. This raises the fact that the legal profession today is highly competitive. One of the important reasons behind this increasing competition is the use of new technologies. Since new technologies are being developed with each passing day, the need to hire lawyers has reduced. Another competent reason for this competitive market is the large number of people who study law today. 

The reluctance of clients to pay the lawyer for his services 

Often, it has been noticed that the clients are reluctant to pay the fees of the lawyer. Although several jobs in the legal field provide reasonable remuneration, lawyers who practice private rarely get the adequate payment they are supposed to get in most cases. One of the main reasons for unsatisfied lawyers is that clients tend to delay payment or bargain with you regarding your charges. Remember, if you reduce your charges in the spree of getting more clients, you will never be able to push them up and suffer eventually. 

Dealing with genuinely guilty clients 

Not all clients who come to you are innocent. You have clients who are guilty of committing some crime. As a lawyer, you must professionally deal with these clients and try to fight the case in a manner that will free the client from the criminal tag. 

People being judgmental about your character and making assumptions

Since you have to fight different cases as a lawyer, people form different opinions about you. They start assuming unwanted things about you, especially that which is not valid. However, there is no escape from this character assassination. All you can do is ignore and find out why you chose the legal profession. 


Therefore, every profession has positive and negative aspects. You have to look into the positives and ignore the negatives to survive in the profession.