All you need to know about Regency Style Furniture

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This article will tell about How regency furniture became one of the most prominent furniture design

he fashion of Prince Regency helped to set the pace of Regency Style Furniture as we know it today. Evolving out of Neo-Classicism, Regency puts its influence on early Greek, Rome, Egypt and early medieval Europe, but primarily with more accurate knowledge and perception of these ancient societies. It was the fashionable choice for the Royal Court, where regal extravagance often served as a point of contrast to the decadence and moral decay of the time. Thus, Regency furniture became synonymous with opulence and luxury.


Regency style furniture has been revived many times since. The beauty of the designs and patterns of Regency furniture can be seen in the present generation’s furniture designs. Some people are more into reproducing antique regency furniture as an art piece rather than as furniture to use in their homes. However, there are many people who appreciate the simplicity and elegant design of genuine antique pieces. There are also antique reproductions which have been created by talented artisans in order to satisfy the high demand for Regency antiques in the contemporary world.

Many Regency furniture products were produced in the fashionable Burlington city in England. Known as the “White City” of England, Burlington was originally a goldsmithing city, which developed in the mid-to late nineteenth century due to the growth of cotton production in the area. Many renowned Regency pieces of furniture bear the name of their birthplace city. Among the most notable include the Regency Queen Anne chair, Regency dresser and Regency table. A Regency table was often laid across a coffee table, which allowed for a two-course meal to be prepared at the same time.


The Regency Period was the golden age of British royalty. The industrial revolution which took place during this period in Britain boosted the economy of the country and attracted new business people from all over Europe. Some notable figures from this era include King Edward VIII, whose reign was marked by the Diamond Jubilee celebration. This event marked the end of the reign of his mother Queen Mary. In addition to this regency furniture items, this era also witnessed the flowering of the Industrial Revolution, with manufacturers all over Great Britain creating products for the growing industrial market.

Regency style furniture is considered to be timeless and elegant, and because of the intricate craftsmanship that went into its production, it never became out of style. Regency reproduction furniture is sold at affordable prices today because it shares the timeless look of this era. Regency furniture pieces include table and chair sets, bedding and fabrics, wallpaper, tapestry and rugs, upholstery, dressing tables, drawers and chests, as well as many other Regency era items. Regency reproduction furniture can either be made from original antique pieces or from reproductions of the Regency period pieces.


Regency style furniture can either be bought from antique stores in major cities or can be made by manufacturers and retailers based in the United Kingdom and other European countries such as France and Italy. The Regency period of furniture making began in the late 18th century and continued on until the early 20th century. Some Regency furniture is inspired by the work of such artists as Henry van der Rohe and Michael Levey. The London Regency Style is characterized by rich colors, geometric patterns and a sense of romance.

Regency furniture design can be classified into a number of styles. One such style is known as English Country. Its major accent is on the architectural detailing, including pointed arches and elaborately curved doorways. The Regency style can also be identified with other styles such as Queen Anne, and cottage style. All these different styles can be associated with a particular period in English history such as the Regency Period or the Edwardian Period.

Regency furniture has become one of the most popular styles of bedroom furniture in the United States. It has recently been considered fashionable for use in American homes and has even reached international markets. Some regency-style beds are available as antique pieces. These are sold at auctions and re-sale venues. Regency-style beds are often combined with dressing tables and other furnishings styled according to the times.