Emergency Dental Services: When Do You Need Them?

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In times of dental trauma or advanced stages of the disease, you may need to discern whether an emergency dentist is necessary for what you’re going through.

In times of dental trauma or advanced stages of the disease, you may need to discern whether an emergency dentist is necessary for what you’re going through. Many dental health issues can wait until an appointment can be made and, even though it may seem like an emergency to you, can be taken care of within a few short days. There are some situations, however, that it is imperative to seek out Emergency Dental Services Near Me as soon as possible.


Severe Tooth Pain:


Tooth pain can be simply unbearable. It is so acute that you might think this is a symptom of a serious problem. It is important to make sure that you have tried at-home first aid such as pain relievers or topical agents before rushing to the phone for an Emergency Dentist Near Me. When your efforts have little to no effect and you are unable to sleep or carry on with your day, it’s then that emergency services may be necessary to figure out what is causing the intense pain and how to properly take care of the problem. If you are too busy to visit a dentist you can make an appointment with the Dentist Open On Sunday.




Trauma to your teeth can range from a chipped tooth to several damaged teeth as a result of an accident. If you have cracked or lost a tooth, it is first important to stop the bleeding. If you are able to recover the part of the tooth you’re missing, you should put it in a safe place to return to the dentist. This will help them fashion a new replacement for you. Losing a tooth does not necessarily mean you need an emergency dentist, although you may feel self-conscious about the gap in your smile. Unless you have serious dental trauma that has affected several teeth or other bones in your face, you do not need to rush to a dentist’s office.


Surgery Related Pain:


If your dental pain or trauma is related to recent surgery or advanced stages of gum disease, this is a clear sign that you should seek out an emergency dentist. A Dentist Near Me Open Today can only treat these situations, as you require professional help. You may have been prescribed medications to handle the pain but if they are not working, it is unwise to use more or to combine them with over-the-counter pain medication. Severe pain can indicate something wrong. Consider other types of body pain. There is a big difference between a bad sprain and a broken bone. If you’re seriously worried about complications, seek out an emergency dentist at the dental office.


Because emergencies happen at any time, you will be glad to know that some local offices do offer 24/7 emergency services in order to take care of your needs immediately. If offices are not open, usually a dentist is on call and can address your needs when necessary. It is important to determine the need for emergency dental services as it may depend on the severity of your pain.


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