Madden 21 Fan Appreciation Program Provides Rewards

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@EASports_MUT Twitter has launched an animated GIF to show the screen of the upcoming program.

The Madden 21 fan appreciation program will once again become the best in the team, providing gamers with the opportunity to earn a lot of rewards. These challenges will be obtained by completing challenges and collecting stars to participate in activities. The rewards include adding Madden coins to your bank account, and even a total of 99 Golden Ticket NAT cards, just a little squeeze on them, which is a very good reward.

EA's Madden showed his love to fans and kept the game alive even in the offseason. As many gamers expect, what Madden 22 will be released later this year, some people are still enjoying some of the games in the current game. Therefore, on May 19, a new plan called Maddy 21 Fan Appreciation was launched.

@EASports_MUT Twitter has launched an animated GIF to show the screen of the upcoming program. Basically, the player will select fans from the mission screen and be taken to an area for various challenges. As can be seen from the screen, these will be the challenges brought by the Ultimate Team at the beginning of this season.

The GIF also shows the level of partial MUT Coins. In the case of 50 stars, gamers will get 91 OVR Team Builder Pack NAT. After reaching 60 stars, level 6 will provide 2,000 coins. The 7th layer will bring more coins to 70 stars. We jump to the 12th floor that requires 120 stars, but will provide a total of 99 99% gold tickets for NAT players for free.

In the past month, a total of 99 players have won various gold medals. These are cards specially designed by players who play Madden 21 and get gold coupons by Buy Madden 21 Coins. Please contact the winners and ask them what games they want to play with the 99 OVR card. These include quarterback Tim Teber, Seahawks catcher DK Metcalf and Bacchus's tight guard Mike Evans.