I know we dont know anything but what can 2K21 bring

I know we dont know anything but what can 2K21 bring

I believe the Kobe Collection will transfer between the Dame/Zion Collections won't (Dame is current-gen only, Zion is next-gen just ), however I haven't said anything because I haven't received official confirmation from 2K yet. I noticed that another gen mamba editions have although I expect it will move. One being the basketball in NBA 2K21 MT Coins ace 1. If we pre-ordered the Kobe edition on 19, Can we get the Zion dunk package in next gen? Can you ask about rep moving, I get my player, it is looking like a mode and difficult to transfer, but if myrep transfers, making enjoying the gen park.

I know we dont know anything but what can 2K21 bring to the table current gen additional thab being a placeholder for the next gen game? You and you have no new rosters and probably the same mycareer, respectively. When the new stuff comes out which all becomed immaterial. Calling it today: 2K21 on current gen will be the laziest game weve ever seen in this series as I cannot see exactly what the came bringts into the dining table and 2K absolutely knows this so that they tempt you into buy it for 100$ just to get it to get second gen. All speculation of course but it just makes too much sense.

Its crazy how 2K and we play. They understand were hyped for next gen and nearly all of the dedicated 2K community will buy it on next gen so that they rather force you to either pay 30 dollars less, wait and dont perform with it till next gen comes out or cover 100$, play this pile of garbage on current gen for a couple of months and then get it for free on next gen. I am honestly feeling for all of the casuals or buddies, who dont know about 2K that far if they move outside to purchase the normal current gen model. There should really be some sort of PSA to acquire 2K20 for free this month on ps4 and dont buy 2K21 if youre not planning on getting it on

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Apart from that, I guess the best alternative for players switching to new-gen is to buy new-gen Digital Mamba Forever Edition, so as to being able to play on September 4th the"poor" conventional version on current-gen along with the switch in November/December to the Legend variant on new-gen. Ah, I see exactly what u/ThePointForward referred to now, I'll tell them. It is fixed now in our post and must be upgraded on the side of 2K shortly. Extra 100,000 VC whatever the extra clothing item is or 72 hour rep increase and a back pack.

You are right if it is true. But I am doubtful about that. Have you received a clear response on this? I'll attempt to explain myself better. In the infographics I get that using current-gen Mamba Forever edition you receive a 100K VC bonus for each platform, while with new-gen MFE you get 100K VC only for the new-gen. Anyway their announcement says"earned and purchased VC" will probably be shared across platforms. What if there is a buy 2K21 MT mechanism to make without even being able to sustain it to the 26, you spend the entire current-gen 100k about the current-gen?