Madden cares little about franchise mode that they don't even spell check it

I wonder if the NFL would step in using some kind of Madden nfl 21 coins iNFLuence based on how shittily EA gifts their product.

I wonder if the NFL would step in using some kind of Madden nfl 21 coins iNFLuence based on how shittily EA gifts their product. The amount of errors like this is incredible, as if they have no QA team. And of course that the larger problems such as horrible challenge/replay outcome the list continues on and on. I just need them to step in and stop the micro trades like how Disney failed with BF2 (at least possess a limit on the packs so that enthusiasts and also you tubers don't place hundreds intot eh match every 2 weeks). That make them work on a match that is better and hopefully would make ea have less cash.

Many men and women love for that to seem realistic MUT, but that is a clear feeling for most lovers of Madden 21. EA spends their resources on Ultimate Team modes in Madden, FIFA, etc since it attracts them earnings well. If there's any information on how much money they earn off UT modes available, I wonder? Quick google search says EA makes $1.3B USD from"additional content" annually, with approximately $650 million coming out of supreme team alone. I'm guessing a big chunk of that is FIFA, however there's no way they're gonna toss MUT aside if revenue streams are rewarding.

So essentially that they could give a fuck about franchise mode that stops getting support after launch. There is considerable belief that EA purposely botches ways to steer players towards the UT platform. Intentional or not, they are a business and they go where the cash goes. I believe that EA does do that together with the hopes to attempt to get players and MUT to play, to other modes. Just look how you and teammates can play online in MUT Squads, however there is no way to play on the internet with teammates anyplace else in Madden 21 like play. So I'm 100% boycotting.

I'm for anyone who thinks I am defending EA, with you, I'm not. I adore franchise mode from fifa and madden, and I loved fifa pro clubs. Its pattern for anyone who wishes play with friends or to perform solo but are not inclined to pay additional to win. It's alarming because we basically gave the formula to go out and spend billions because they know they'll find that money back to EA. It is a highway robbery but that's business regardless of how much we might hate it, and they're doing it.Madden NFL 21 QB Player Ratings - EA SPORTS Official Site

Colleges and schools have been running spread offenses more and more over the previous decade which is currently leading to another type of quarterbacks. Jake Fromm is the closest we have to a true pocket passer in this draft and he is 73 speed. Because even though he is not crazy he's not a 60 speed guy, that honest. Because he had been the best pick, like I said, the 1st overall pick Joe Burrow likely got some prejudice. He deserves to buy mut coins madden 21 be. But everybody else will live with.