Common things that cause cracked heel you did not know

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Our Lanolin cream provides the barrier to protect your skin from further cracking and drying. Our Cracked Heel Ointment is made of natural ingredients that give regular attention to your feet.

Cracked heels are common nowadays, especially in older age. Most elder age people suffer from cracked heels because of deficiency of vitamins and lack of miniaturization.  It is a sign of skin aging though there are various other factors that lead to cracked heels.

It might be seasonal or it can also be due to deficiency of vitamins and overheat production in the body. Nowadays, even younger age people are suffering from the cracked heels. But there is nothing to worry with the skin problems as they can be easily cured with over-the-counter treatment if treated at the right time.

Dryness is the enemy of skin as it is the main cause that leads to skin issues like itching, peeling, dermatitis, skin discoloration, and many more. So, to maintain healthy skin, regularly apply the cream to all parts of the body to keep them hydrated.

Just water is not enough for hydration. Skin needs hydration from the outside too. The skin problems like cracked heels and dermatitis can easily be cured by the cream and Cracked Heel Treatment available in the market but seek an expert dermatologist if you feel anything serious about the skin.

Most common causes of cracked heal that you might not know.

1) Standing for longer hours.

You might be stunned to hear that standing for a long time can lead to crack heal because it stresses the heel skins.

2) Walking barefoot frequently.

Walking without footwear outside the dusty area more frequently can lead to the cracked heels. Also, open back sandals and other footwear can cause cracked heels. With fashionable footwear, taking care of the heel is important otherwise it could lead to painful dryness and cracked heels.

3) Taking long hot showers.

Keeping feet in hot water for a prolonged time removes the natural moisture of the skin and causes dryness.  So, avoid hot water showers for a long time.

4) Using harsh soaps for washing.

You might not know that the body cleanser or soap you use might contain skin-drying ingredients and lead the cracked heels if ignored frequently.

5) Wearing the wrong size shoes.

Poor-fitting shoes can irritate the skin and might lead to cracked heels. Continuous rubbing of the footwear on the feet may cause it dry and lead to a cracked heel.

6) Climatic changes.

Cracked heels might occur in winter due to extreme cold and dryness.  Climatic factors can also cause skin allergies like eczema and other fungal infections. Take expert advice for Eczema Treatment rather than treating with home remedies. It’s important to give proper attention to the skin in all seasons to keep it hydrated and plump. 

Bottom line:

Well it’s not possible to take care of the skin and everything completely but healthy skin can be maintained by maintaining effective hydration and using the right skincare routine. The majority of people don’t focus on other parts of the body until the skin allergy occurs.  

Skin also needs breathing and essential vitamins to stay hydrated and happy. The skincare routine varies from season to season depending upon the skin type.

Generally, skin infections like dermatitis and fungal infections occur due to extra moisture and bacteria. Consult the expert dermatologist for Dermatitis Treatment or any skin allergies to heal it before it gets worse.