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5 Star Processing has practical experience in the best high-risk merchant account and high-risk credit card processing. We can affirm essentially every business type, regardless of whether you have been turned down for installment preparing. With many years of involvement, our group is her

High Risk Merchant Account 

High Risk Merchant Accounts are a set of services that are offered to high risk merchants to accept card payments from their customers. Such merchants face very limited options in their processors. Apart from this, they also face higher fees than usual a lot stricter contracts. 

It is considered as high-risk because of two basic conditions- business operates within an industry of high risk and risks of financial failure exist as well. 

Processors for High Risk Merchant Accounts 

If you are running a small-scale high risk business, you should start working with either of the following 6 processors

  1. Payment Cloud 

It is considered suitable for high-risk retail merchants. 

  1. Durango Merchant Services

It is suitable for the merchants who are running their operations off-shore, or for the E-Commerce merchants. 

  1. Host Merchant Services

 It is considered suitable for E-Commerce businesses based in United States. 

  1. Soar Payments 

It is considered suitable for Omnichannel businesses. 

  1. Easy Pay Direct 

It’s a great processor for High Margin businesses. 

  1. SMB Global 

This processor is considered great for professionals working in the travel industry. 

Merits of High-Risk Accounts

 Once you will be running a high-risk business, you should know the areas from where you’ll be able to withdraw maximum benefits out of it. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out.

  1. Excessive Remuneration

 Also known as chargebacks, it’s the biggest advantage that you might have. A lot of times, the retailer is being charged a set amount of fee for every chargeback they receive. It covers the costs of service administration. It will have an increased fee for every individual. Due to this, the merchant holding high-risk account will rarely get terminated due to the excessive remuneration. Even if he is paying higher fees than others, his chances for longevity is a lot more than others. 

  1. Coverage 

If you’ll have a high-risk account provider at your back, it will be covering you globally. It means that wherever you’ll be trading worldwide, you’ll be able to accept multiple currencies plus, you’ll be able to sell to foreign nationals as well. 

  1. You’ll be More Secure 

Most companies need to be way too careful while processing payments. But it is not same in the case of high-risk merchants. They’ll employ trusted detection methods during their transactions to check if the card is legal or not. It will not only protect the merchant but also the card’s company the owner of the card. 

Demerits of High-Risk Accounts 

  1. Dispensation Fee

It means that the banks will charge you increased fees for every C/C processing. It will decrease your margin, hence, decreasing your profits. 

  1. Flow of Money 


A great demerit of such accounts is that you’ll not receive any interest on the reserves you are holding in your account. 

  1. Credit Cards 

There are a lot of nations around the world that don’t employ C/C for the payments, thus, limiting your options of income. 




As discussed above, there are multiple reasons- why your firm can be categorized as high risk. But if you’ll set a ‘high-risk merchant account’ via a dependable payment platform, all the processes will be simpler easier. 

There are many businesses with elevated chances of variance, so it’s essential that they come with terms conditions. Nevertheless, if you’ll accept payments via a dependable payment processor that will keep security at the top, you can be assured that the risks of any kind will be minimized while handling transactions.