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Chances are you've heard about contouring at some point, but maybe you haven't tried it, or perhaps you're an experienced pro. In applying makeup, contouring the face is widely used, but sometimes it leaves us wanting more help and expert advice.
Contouring can enhance your already beautiful features and bone structure and may prove quite transformative if done properly. Whether you're just getting started or would like a refresher course on contouring, one question remains: How do you pick the right contour shade for your skin tone? We have tutorials whether you have done a deep dive on YouTube or are just getting started with contouring. Find out how to choose the right contour shade with these tips and tricks.
1.It’s All About the Shadows

In the first place, you've come to the right place if you need a refresher course on contouring. A contour is simply adding more definition to certain areas of the face by darkening them. Cheekbones, forehead, nose, jawline, and even the chin are the most common areas of the face to contour. Regardless of your face shape, contouring is a way for you to improve, define, or recede your individual facial features, but it's not something you need to do every day.
In order to choose the right contour shades, it is important to observe the color of the shadows on your face and to select colors that closely resemble these shadows. When beginning your contouring journey, your foundation is a great place to start. Imagine the same tone family as your foundation, but a shade or two darker; that's about as dark as you should go. If you need to start with a subtle shape and work your way up to something more definitive, adding a little at a time is great advice.

2. Skin Tones Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

In choosing the right contour shades, it is important to know the undertones of your skin, and since skin tones are widely varying and completely unique, it is ideal to be aware of what contour shades are most suited to you. For fair to medium skin, we suggest neutrals, taupes, and contour shades that are more on the cool side. If your skin is more tan/olive, you might want to go a little more gold, since these tones naturally have more warmth. You may want to choose something more neutral with the right balance of blue and red undertones for dark skin tones." Testing contouring products on the inside of your arm can give you an idea of how a product will look if you're not able to try it directly on your face.

3. Use the Right Blending Tools

In order to achieve the perfect makeup look, using the right brushes and blending tools is essential, since they can enhance your look and help you apply your products seamlessly. When choosing the right tools to contour your face, there are a few things to keep in mind. To achieve a natural look, we suggest using fluffier brushes. We says that a fluffy brush will keep your contour soft and diffused. If you want a more defined look, choose a smaller, more dense brush. Using contouring products gradually is the best way to make the most of them. Think of all the places the sun naturally hits your face and check out your forehead and temples.
If you're not sure where contouring falls within the makeup application process, note that you should contour after you've applied your foundation and concealer. Your complexion will be set by then, so you can start adding other products. You can add more concealer after contouring if you need to, and if you wear blush, apply it after contouring. How much have you applied? Don't worry. Using your foundation brush with a little product on it, you can buff out the contour to look more natural. You can always start over if necessary.

4. Cream vs. Powder Contour

You will want to get familiar with each kind of cream and powder and determine which one suits your contouring needs best. For oilier skin types, powder contours provide a more matte finish, while cream contours provide a luminous finish for drier skin types. If you don't want to shop for anything new, you can even use your everyday bronzer to contour if you want to use what you already have in your makeup drawer. This powder is recommended by bluffajo Cosmetics. This bronzer has a nice balance between warmth and cool, but still gives you a sun-kissed look.

5. Have Fun With Contouring

The most important tip? Have fun. There shouldn't be any pressure surrounding contouring, and the more you practice, the more you’ll find what works and doesn’t work for you. Experiment with different products, textures, and blending tools until you discover what suits you best, and you’ll become a contouring pro in no time at all.

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