Some may ask, “How do I pray for this time, this election issue, this country, this world? When so much is coming against us, the Christians, who want to feel peace, see victory.. how do I pray for these things today?
Dear Beloveds, you must speak to the Lord with reverence and conviction. You must honor the Word of God as you ask for His help. Declare Ephesians 6:12:
“We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities.. “. Know that the spiritual wickedness floods into our lives to wreak havoc and to disclaim righteousness and truth. We must pray with More power and authority! We must ask the Lord to make it known and bring truth, give hope, honor the faithfulness of His people. Be specific in your requests.. do not speak in the overall picture. Be specific! And you shall gain your power! First, pray in authority given to you by God. Second, declare it with that authority. And thirdly, praise the Lord, wholeheartedly and without doubting that your prayer will be answered! Look to the scripture and be confident in your requests. God wants to supply your needs! Amen!