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Heat pumps is a method of home heating and have been around for some time, but have grown in popularity in recent years in the Surrey, Delta and Lower Mainland. So you may wonder what a heat pump is, how it works and if they its right for you.

What is a heat Pump?
A heat pump is very similar to Central Air Conditioning system, except it can reverse the flow in cold weather and provide your home with heat instead of cool. There are 2 components to this system, an indoor coil and an outdoor unit, called the condenser. These units have the ability to give your home both heating and cooling. They use your existing ductwork to distribute the heat, or cold air, throughout your home. Not only can these units give you both heating and cooling, they can also significantly cut your energy costs.

Heat Pump Repair & Installation Surrey
At Guru Service Group, we offer various brands, makes and models of heat pumps to meet your needs. We believe in professionalism and quality installations. This is shown through our workmanship, expertise and outstanding service. We offer free in home consultations for heat pump installations. Our knowledgeable sales team will guide you through the steps in choosing the right product for your home. Our technicians will explain the system set up and interface once the installation is completed, so that you have a clear understanding of the product and how to use it as well as scheduling an annual maintenance to insure your product is properly maintained.

We provide financing if needed so feel free to contact us at anytime.
Contact us :778-896-7252
Website: https://guruservicegroup.ca/heating/heat-pumps/

Heat Pumps Guru Service Group Surrey, BC - (778) 896-7252

Heat Pumps Guru Service Group Surrey, BC - (778) 896-7252

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