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Plumbing and Drain Service in Surrey - Guru Service Group

Plumbing Service

At Guru Service Group’s local plumbers service and drain service in surrey offer a wide range of plumbing services, from dealing with leaky pipes, to complete home re-piping. We are a one stop shop and have a solution for all of your plumbing issues in Surrey, Langley, Delta and the Lower Mainland. With over 30 years of plumbing experience, we can assure you of the utmost quality and professionalism, as well as an efficient resolution to your plumbing issues.

Leak repairs – Old copper pipes and poly-b piping are the most common pipes that have leaks. We have fully stocked vans to tackle these leaks efficiently
Hot water tanks – Hot water tanks are our specialty! Gas, electric, or tankless units, we do them all!
Backflow preventers – These units are very common in commercial applications and are required to be tested each year
Clogged drains – We have the right tools to deal with every type of blocked drain, as we are drain cleaning experts
Kitchen Renovations – Our technicians are fully qualify, know the latest codes and styles and can make plumbing plans for your kitchen renovation ideas
Re-piping – When piping starts getting old, with signs of pin hole leaks, sometimes it is essential to have the complete home re-piped, to avoid more damages down the line. It is particularly advise for homes with poly-b piping, as that piping is known for pin hole leaks
Bathroom Plumbing – From toilets, to faucets and showers, we do it all!

Drainage service
Clear drains are essential when it comes to our homes and businesses, but are often overlooked. Many homeowners and business owners don’t think about their drains until a problem occurs. However, scheduled drain inspection and maintenance can pinpoint problem areas before a damaging backup occurs, which can result in costly repairs being required.
If a clogged drain does occur, our expert, licensed technicians will locate the source of the problem and clear the clog quickly and efficiently
There are 2 main types of drains: sewer drains and storm drains.
Sewer drains are all of the drains inside your home, or business, which carry waste water from the premises to the local sewer system (ex. Toilet drains, sink drains…etc).
Storm drains are located outside on your property and carry rain water away.
In some circumstances, either of these types of drains may become blocked and start backing up. When this happens, Guru Service professional drain cleaning service in Surrey, Langley and Delta is the solution for your problem. We are your drain cleaning experts and we provide quick, thorough service that will have your drains flowing clearly in no time.

Three common services we provide are:
1. Drain cleaning with power snake
2. Hydro jetting
3. Video camera drain inspection
Drain cleaning with snake
We offer professional drain cleaning service with our top of the line drain cleaning equipment, which includes heavy duty rigid power snakes. With these snakes we are able to unclog blocked drains over 75’ away. Whether it be roots, or other debris, this is definitely the best choice to clear difficult and stubborn clogs.
Hydro jetting
Hydro jetting is commonly used on your outside drains, or other drains that have a tendency to plug up and need regular maintenance (ex. Grease in restaurant drains). We use our special hydro jetting machines which put over 4000 psi of water pressure through your drain lines, which clears them right out, leaving them next to new. This is essential to prevent your outside drains from backing up, causing property damage and requiring repairs
Video Camera Drain Inspection
Video camera drain inspection has become a key tool in finding the causes of drain blockages and slow drains. Ideally, you would call us to inspect your drains before they become clogged so that we can save you the trouble and expense of emergency repairs. Do you have a drain which clogs repeatedly? Have you dropped something in the drain? Or does your drain have a stubborn clog which you just can’t clear? Well, look no further than Guru Plumbing drainage services. With our superior drain video camera inspection, we can go as deep as 200’ to get a clear look at the cause of your drainage problem, as well as pinpoint any areas which need intervention to prevent bigger problems in the future.
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