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Deliveroo Business Model, How It Works & Revenue Model

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. Now, that is a great way to start the day. Wouldn’t you agree? According to studies, skipping breakfast can harm mood and energy levels. Not to sound grim, but skipping breakfast is also believed to cause psychosocial problems, another reason you should think twice before missing out on your meals. In our everyday attempts at expediting our routines, it is only imminent that we barely find time to cook a proper meal. In such instances, the on-demand food delivery system is all that is needed. Deliveroo, headquartered in London, is one such on-demand food delivery system founded in 2013 that caters to the needs of its customers by promptly delivering food to their doorsteps. With its reliable services, Deliveroo business model has seen rapid growth.
Deliveroo is now operational across countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.



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