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- Joe Biden says he wants to beat up the President.
- Cory Booker says he wants to punch the President.
- Robert De Niro says he wants to punch Trump in the face.
- Maxine Waters says get in Republicans faces in public places, "I will take Trump out Tonight."
- Jimmy Kimmel and other late night hosts joke about assassinating the President.
- Snoop Dog makes a video of assassinating the President.
- Johnny Depp talks about an actor assassinating the President.
- Kathy Griffin poses with a severed bloody head of the President.
- Tom Arnold says: “Don’t get too c.... traitor, they showed up for JFK too”
- Gaetz is threatened by someone who warned that he will blow the congressman’s head off.
- Scalise gets shot and almost killed.
- ANTIFA routinely attacks and now killed conservatives.
- Hollywood makes a movie about killing Trump supporters.
- Tucker Carlson has left wing activists at his home threatening to burn his house down with his wife & kids inside.
- Madonna talks about wanting to blow up the White House.
- McConnell is threatened by left wing activists at his home to be stabbed in the heart.
- Democrat Constitutional professor Jonathan Turley’s life is threatened for his opinion opposing impeachment.
Yet, the Socialist Democrats, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, TDIP, Media Matters, and the DNC say “Trump is inciting violence.”
Yeah ok. Let that sink in, morons.